Corbin Fisher – Julian

Julian has a lot of energy! He has so much energy that we may have to keep him fucking 24/7 just so he can sit still for five minutes at a time. He’s such an enthusiastic guy, but he’s always in motion. I’m surprised the camera can stay in focus on him!
Julian was a late bloomer – he didn’t have sex until he was 18. An older woman seduced him on his way home one day. They ended up hanging out for a couple of months after that, but Julian broke it off.

He’s currently dating a girl, but she’s completely cool and supportive of his CF education. In fact, she’s already asked if she can see this video. He said she could, just “not during movie night with all our friends over!”

They work different schedules, so he has to eithercoordinate or wake his girlfriend up to have sex. Julian prefers 69 to any other position.

He’s straight but, he didn’t seem uncomfortable with the idea of some guy/guy action.

Julian was home-schooled … which makes his story of learning to jerk off and the first time he came even more funny. He doesn’t jack off much now. When he does, he likes to fantasize about people he’s met, but never managed to actually hook up with.

He takes off his shirt to reveal his lean wiry frame. He’s recently started going to the gym to “work on the booty” more. Julian’s high metabolism does a great job on its own keeping his body lean and fit.

Julian says most people compliment him on his big, brown eyes. Pete asks about the small scar on his cheek and Julien says its from “a knife fight.” He can’t keep up the joke, though, and tells the real story about jumping off a bed as a kid.

He hasn’t jacked off in a week and a half – so he’s more than ready to jerk off for us. Once he gets hard, Pete hands him a tape measure and Julian’s cock quickly stiffens to its full six inches. Julian starts stroking his shaft.

Slowly, he jerks his cock. Julian gets up on his knees and rubs his legs and body as he strokes. When he grabs his ass, he lets out a moan. I think Julian definitely needs to explore some guy/guy action!

Julian’s cock is rock-hard. He lays back on the bed, switching hands occasionally. His tight body tenses up just before he moans and cums. He shoots one of the thickest loads I’ve seen in a while! He was thinking about a “special someone” as he came. I can’t wait to find out who!


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This week BEL AMI has released many hot videos and photo sets – A threesomewhich Dario Dolce gets tag-teamed by Ariel Vanean and Florian Nemec. A photo shoot and jerk off video of hottie Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert, a sex scenebetween newcomer Yann Tiersen and veteran Brandon Manilow. Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert look really HOT together! I hope Bel Ami has their fuck scene coming.

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Six boys. Trapped in an Island, anything can happen but from director of Sagwan here’s come a latest indie flick “Santuaryo”. Produce by the former publisher of X-ray Magazine and now CLIMAX Films. It features six hot hunks includes AJ Ona, Nicos Bacani, Basti Romero, Justin Dizon,Gino Quintana, and Ralph Darrel Mateo . It will be shown on March 17, 2010 on selected theaters such us Remar, Roben, Robinson Galleria, Gotesco Grand Central, Robinsons Novaliches, Robinsons Ermita, Robinsons Iloilo, Robinsons Bacolod, Ultravistrama Cebu and Gotesco Ortigas. Watch out for it!!!

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Mr. Globe Philippines 2010

Indie actor Gino Quintana bested 26 other contestants for the Mr. Globe Philippines 2010 title. Aside from the coveted title, Gino Quintana also won Mr. Photogenic and Mr. Body Beautiful during the finals night which was held last July 3, Saturday, at the Pearl Manila Hotel in Ermita, Manila. Gino was the title holder of Mr. Body Shots 2009. He also starred in the gay-themed indie film “Santuaryo.” Images courtesy of Dan Santos.

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Hunky Hugo Milano


Hunky Hugo Milano is a sexy, soft spoken bisexual 20 year old who hails from Tucson, Arizona. A good buddy of mine works out at the gym where Hugo works as a personal trainer and, after a few obvious glances in the locker room one day, decided to chat up the gorgeous gym god. After a few hot and sweaty personal training sessions in my buddy’s bedroom, he asked Hugo if he’d ever considered doing porn. Did I ever tell you I have the best buds ever?! Once I finally got Hugo out to L.A. he was only too eager to strip down and show us all what years of personal training can do for a body and, let me tell ya, this stud does not disappoint; This kid knows how to put on a show. Check him out, you’ll thank me for it.

Cock Size:
Tucson, AZ
Getting my dick sucked and a hard ass

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I Love Dreamguyz Opens Nov. 4


Synopsis: Five young men land job contracts as entertainers in Japan and form a new hip-hop dance group called Dreamguyz. Guided by their gay manager DIDI (Jao Mapa), they spend the next few months before their trip bonding as friends who share a common dream of finding greener pastures in the Land of the Rising Sun.
MICHAEL (actor) worked as a dancer in Japan when he was still a minor, using a fictitious name and a forged passport. He makes sure his recruiter doesn’t find out he’s not a first-timer to Japan like the rest of the guys. BENJO (actor) seeks to escape a cruel stepfather and find his missing older brother, a musician turned illegal alien in Japan. ALVIN (actor) is Didi’s lover, who openly expresses his affections for his benefactor while hoping to make his own money in Japan.


The two members who share choreographic duties, JAKE (actor) and RICO, quickly develop a secret romance. Problem is, Jake lives with his devoted girlfriend JENNY (Niña Jose), who supports him financially. On top of his romantic quandary, Jake is soon discovered to have a heart ailment, jeopardizing his chances of joining the group’s trip to Japan.


As a former Japayuki himself, Didi knows a stint in Japan hardly guarantees a financial windfall for the group. So he enlists the members in a networking company that has been giving him ample dividends. Unfortunately, the company collapses without warning. It ruins Didi and threatens to dissolve not just his relationship with Alvin but the group itself. Violence erupts on the eve of their trip, which could shatter the dreams of the Dreamguyz.

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16 Finalists for Mr. International Philippines 2009

The 16 finalists vying to become the Philippine representative in the upcoming Mr. International pageant are named.

They are:

1st row, from left to right: Franco Ramos, Francis Soo, Mark Gargoles and Ian Daniel;

2nd row from left to right: Mike Acuna, James Verzosa, Anton Malko and Farzam Nasirian;

3rd row from left to right: Abdul Wallace, Francis Salazar, John Mangoba and Alvin De Joya;

4th row from left to right: Peter Dee, Kerwin Caballero, Adrian Petry and Raphael Graphil.

The Mister International Philippines 2009 finals is happening on October 14, 8:00 p.m. at the A Venue Mall, 7829 Makati Avenue. The winner of the pageant will be the country’s bet to the Mister International 2009 pageant to be held in Taichung, Taiwan ROC.

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