Eating Out


Prepare to double over in laughter and ogle all the cute boys in this essential queer comedy from Q. Allan Brocka, the maker of the Rick and Steve shorts

This screwball comedy harkens back to the days of Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn (who may be turning over in their respective graves with that comparison) as a hunky straight guy pretends he’s gay to get a date with a woman who only likes to hang out with gay men. Caleb just wants to meet a nice girl now after a bad experience. He goes to a party with his gay best friend and roommate Kyle (the adorably out Jim Verraros of “American Idol” fame) and spies Gwen (Stiles) as she throws her latest gay boyfriend out of the bedroom. Kyle explains to Caleb that Gwen only seems to like gay boys and he convinces Caleb he must pretend to be gay to get Gwen’s attention, and it does. Caleb is so convincing that Gwen decides to fix Caleb up with her own gay best friend Marc (Carnes), a super-stud. And to top off the whole ridiculous situation, Kyle has a long-standing crush on Marc, who doesn’t even seem to remember his name. Suffice it say, this is quite a date! Combining plenty of adorable gay boys with some seriously madcap humor makes Eating Out a great bet.

Two pop culture alerts:
1. First season American Idol finalist Jim Verraros not only has a strong supporting role in Eating Out he wrote and performed most of the catchy pop songs in the film.
2. The studly actor who stars as Marc in Eating Out, Ryan Carnes is now a familiar face on American television as he appears as Justin the gay gardener, Bree’s son Andrew’s boyfriend on “Desperate Housewives.”
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