PANTASYA (Fantasy)

One of the most exotic films in our program this year, Pantasya presents five erotic interludes featuring men in uniform.
Brillante Mendoza (The Masseur) is back with a radically different film; this time we’ve got five softcore erotic episodes featuring fantasies of men in uniform. Beautifully executed, this display of naked Asian male flesh is truly a lush Filipino delight with a sweet imagination. In the first fantasy a jealous gay teenager hails a taxi and the two men find comfort in each other’s arms. Next a lonely homeowner calls the phone company to have his phone fixed. The two linemen fix a lot more than the phone. In the third episode a shy gay fan makes his way into the locker-room after a sweaty basketball game. He finds a new game underway in the shower room. Next up a pizza boy isn’t having a good night until he delivers his next pie to a bored gay yuppie working late. And in the final fantasy a pair of lovers quarrel and they split for the night. One meets up with a horny security guard who offers his shoulder for the man to cry on. Told tastefully and quite erotically these fantasies make for a very unusual program we think you’ll love. (Tagalog with English subtitles)

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  1. hi… where can i watch this online?

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