Auraeus Solito’s Boy is one of two films scheduled to be screened at the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival banned by the censors for “normalising” homosexuality and a “prolonged and explicit” homosexual scene which was filmed in a “romanticised manner”.

Auraeus: Boy is my ode to the erotic Filipino genre, especially the 1998 Macho Dancer movie by Lino Brocka. Macho dancers are like male strippers with a very enticing and sensual way of dancing which I find aesthetically beautiful. Each generation in the Philippines has a “macho dancer” film. This is my deconstruction of that genre.

In the film, an unnamed teenager accepts himself, his homosexuality, when he falls in love with a Macho Dancer. He sells his comic books so that he can afford to buy him for one night. Of course, the climax of the film is when the Boy finally consummates his love with the Macho dancer. More story: Here


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  1. This was the perfect family movie for christmas time. Erotic Movie

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