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I Love Dreamguyz Opens Nov. 4


Synopsis: Five young men land job contracts as entertainers in Japan and form a new hip-hop dance group called Dreamguyz. Guided by their gay manager DIDI (Jao Mapa), they spend the next few months before their trip bonding as friends who share a common dream of finding greener pastures in the Land of the Rising Sun.
MICHAEL (actor) worked as a dancer in Japan when he was still a minor, using a fictitious name and a forged passport. He makes sure his recruiter doesn’t find out he’s not a first-timer to Japan like the rest of the guys. BENJO (actor) seeks to escape a cruel stepfather and find his missing older brother, a musician turned illegal alien in Japan. ALVIN (actor) is Didi’s lover, who openly expresses his affections for his benefactor while hoping to make his own money in Japan.


The two members who share choreographic duties, JAKE (actor) and RICO, quickly develop a secret romance. Problem is, Jake lives with his devoted girlfriend JENNY (Niña Jose), who supports him financially. On top of his romantic quandary, Jake is soon discovered to have a heart ailment, jeopardizing his chances of joining the group’s trip to Japan.


As a former Japayuki himself, Didi knows a stint in Japan hardly guarantees a financial windfall for the group. So he enlists the members in a networking company that has been giving him ample dividends. Unfortunately, the company collapses without warning. It ruins Didi and threatens to dissolve not just his relationship with Alvin but the group itself. Violence erupts on the eve of their trip, which could shatter the dreams of the Dreamguyz.

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Janvier Daily resurfaces in the indie movie scene through Monti Parungao’s Bayaw. He is joined by veteran indie actor Paolo Rivero and newcomer Andrew Miguel. Enjoy the following promo pics.

Janvier Daily

Paolo Rivero and Janvier Daily in Bayaw

Paolo Rivero and Janvier Daily in Whities

Introducing Andrew Miguel

Andrew Miguel in Bayaw

Paolo Rivero in Bayaw


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Mark Xander Fabillar – 2006 Hari ng Negros

Visit Marks’ Blog: The Vegan Prince
Vote for Mark as Sexiest Vegetarian in Asia: PETA
Hari ng Negros Blogsite: HERE

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Heavenly Touch

After the sensational gay-themed movie “Walang Kawala”, Joel Lamangan is at it again with another daring pink film entitled Heavenly Touch.


This new film by Lamangan explores the controversial happenings inside an all-male massage parlor which is run by a syndicate, led by Jeffrey Santos. Frontal nudity king Marco Morales will once again showcase his anatomy together with scandal king Paolo Serrano. Sexy actress Gwen Garci is also in the film as well as newcomer Joash (pronounced as Jo-Ash) Balejado. 19-year-old Joash who is a business management student from Rizal Technological University (TRU) is the winner of 2008 Mr. Lakan male pageant and “Heavenly Touch” will be his fire baptism under the hands of veteran gay director Joel Lamasan…errr…Lamangan. Marco, Paolo and Joash will play the role of masseurs with a predominantly male customers.

Video Link: Heavenly Touch – Movie Preview


 (From left to right: Joash Balejado, Paolo Serrano and Marco Morales)

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“Si Cecilia at Eman pareho kong kaibigan. Mahal ko si Cecilia, mahal ko rin si Eman. Bakit ganun? Tinuruan ako ni Inay na matakot. Ako at ang sagwan ko.”



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PANTASYA (Fantasy)

One of the most exotic films in our program this year, Pantasya presents five erotic interludes featuring men in uniform.
Brillante Mendoza (The Masseur) is back with a radically different film; this time we’ve got five softcore erotic episodes featuring fantasies of men in uniform. Beautifully executed, this display of naked Asian male flesh is truly a lush Filipino delight with a sweet imagination. In the first fantasy a jealous gay teenager hails a taxi and the two men find comfort in each other’s arms. Next a lonely homeowner calls the phone company to have his phone fixed. The two linemen fix a lot more than the phone. In the third episode a shy gay fan makes his way into the locker-room after a sweaty basketball game. He finds a new game underway in the shower room. Next up a pizza boy isn’t having a good night until he delivers his next pie to a bored gay yuppie working late. And in the final fantasy a pair of lovers quarrel and they split for the night. One meets up with a horny security guard who offers his shoulder for the man to cry on. Told tastefully and quite erotically these fantasies make for a very unusual program we think you’ll love. (Tagalog with English subtitles)

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ANG LALAKE SA PAROLA (The Man in the Lighthouse)


A homo-erotic journey in finding one’s true self Mateo (Harry Laurel) has been searching for his father (Richard Quan) who left when he was five. His search leads him to Lobo, Batangas only to discover that his father is in Dubai. Awaiting his father’s return, Mateo works as the caretaker of Lobo’s lighthouse. Here, he meets Jerome (Justin de Leon), a gay man from the city. What ensues soon after the meeting is the beginning of his homoerotic journey, while Suzet (Jennifer Lee), Mateo’s girlfriend struggles for his love and attention. What begins as a search for one’s father evolves into a search for one’s self. Will Mateo, in the midst of his conservative rural community, cross the thin line between being straight and being gay? This story is a search for oneself as seen through the lens of rural homosexuality, myths, and fairies (superstitions/belief?); and the lies that people create to escape the bitter realities of life. VIVA Entertainment & BEYONDtheBOXPresentA digital feature by JOSELITO ALTAREJOSANG LALAKE SA PAROLA Jennifer Lee, Justin de Leon, Crispin Pineda and introducing Harry LaurelSpecial Participation: Alan Paule, Sheree, Richard Quan, Monti Parunagao and Dexter Doria Production Design MA. ASUNCION TORRES ANNA CARMELA MANDAMusic and Sound RICHARD GONZALES Editor SHERWIN PESCASIO Director of Photography ARVIN VIOLACreative Consultant CEL SANTIAGO Script Supervisor GALO ADOR JR.Line Producer JONATHAN LING ALIGADA Producer VINCENT DEL ROSARIO Executive Producer VIC DEL ROSARIO JR.Story by JOSELITO ALTAREJOS LEX BONIFE Screenplay by LEX BONIFEDirector/Line Producer JOSELITO ALTAREJOS DIRECTOR’S NOTELife is a journey and a continuous search for something. We might be looking for our roots, happiness or even material fulfillment. At the end of the journey, we realize that the search is all about finding one’s true self, and learning to accept and embrace it. BIOGRAPHY OF THE DIRECTOR Joselito Altarejos is a television and film director. He started his foray in the field of entertainment when he attended the PETA-Theater Arts workshop. His knowledge of film and directing is based on his experience in television productions. Before becoming a director, he was the assistant director of Joel Lamangan, a respected Filipino film and television director. He directed movies and series for television for GMA Channel 7 and VIVA Films. One of which, BAKLA, became a finalist in the Asian TV Awards in 1999 which also earned a Best Actor Award for the lead actor, ROMNICK SARMENTA. In 2001, the movies he directed for television under GMA won in the Star Awards; UMAGA, TANGHALI, GABI was named Best Telesine and MONALISA won Best Actress for PARIWARA. He directed his first feature film, Kiss mo Ko, in 1999 under VIVA Films.

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